The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.

The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.
foto Marco Magielse

donderdag 12 januari 2017

And we continue but the reports moved to facebook, everything changes, we adapt.

Some of you might have noticed that already some time nothing appears anymore on this site. Is the project dead. Not at all, we are alive and well and in fact in the meantime gathered enough finances to be able to finish our tank in time. Plans are ready, now organising to make the final leaps.
You better follow on our facebookpage : a mix of reports of our tankwork and other tankrelated stuff.
Have a look at : but you will need a facebook account for that I know. Well, this is a reason to do it and do like me : don't accept "friends" so you are not too much bothered by all those so called "friends", but you can read nevertheless interesting facebookpages ! See you there, almost 1000 people are following us right now.

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