The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.

The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.
foto Marco Magielse

maandag 26 september 2011

High visit !

This summer David Fletcher and Geoffrey Vesey-Holt did visit the tankreplica and it's powerpack. Both are admiring the powerpack setup driving the chains of the excavator. Dirk en Johan are on the commands. Luc, George and Jerome are watching too with big eyes. David was saying the sound did resemble almost perfectly the one of a real Mark and he should know it, having driven one.
Why did someone tell us the RTR would not be interested in this tankreplica ? Geoffrey, the RTR historian is more than interested ...and so is the RTR. To be continued.

Right now, Dirk and Johan are engineering how this powerpack can be built together with the existing framework, this latter one needing to be heavily reinforced in order to be able to support the 17m tracks on each side. New sponsoring is also being hunted for ...

woensdag 8 juni 2011

first step of second phase : something is already running

31st May we were invited by Robert Vandaele in the workshops of Vandaele Machinery at Oostrozebeke, because he has finished the work he promised : the excavator tracks we bought last summer were able to be driven by the Gardner motor via the hydraulic pump. All this material is bought second hand and was put together into running condition by Robert in the workshops of Vandaele Machinery. Unnecesarry to say Robert is now eternally linked to this tankproject and we ow him a lot. Without him this second phase of making the framework mobile would not have been possible, while a lot of thanks must go also to Georges, who's making this financially possible.
Georges is standing besides me in the beginning of the film, I'm the youngest chap, while Robert in his grey-red coloured overall is operating the motor. At the end I'm operating the hydraulic pump levers, testing both directions. Unnecessary to say I was and still am marvelled ...

To have a first idea about what we are talking about, have a look at the youtube film :

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Moving the excavator parts to Oostrozebeke

Monday 14 february, Robert Vandaele of Vandaele Machineries out of Oostrozebeke who is now already about 2 years advising and helping us getting our frame mobile on tracks, came to load the excavator pieces who arrived last summer.
He's also picking up a Gardner 100hp 6 cylinder oldtimer in Kortemark we bought to build everything together and to test all the pieces.
As Robert and now his children are dealers of JCB, we also bought the undercarriage of a JCB 200LC. Besides that it's an UK excavator for what was a UK tank.

first working, afterwards the beer ...

big Vandaele machinery ...

indeed, yellow passion on the move !

Robert, as we know him, very dedicated and invaluable for this phase of the project.
Thanks Robert !

Georges and his brother Sylvain, second World War orphins ..., because their father helped a Polish pilot escaping


Robert busy inspecting everything

everything ready to move on

zondag 23 januari 2011

Powerpack in the making !

After seemingly much wasted time, we keep on working and thinking behind the walls !
Last week some components for our powerpack did arrive out of UK thanks to Robert Vandaele an d Vandaele Machinery out of Oostrozebeke who will put together the powerpack under the supervision of Robert, ex-ceo and father of the nowadays management.
Still waiting for the motor that will be an oldtimer : 6 cylinder 150hp Gardner ! Not the original Daimler but still a remarkable and reliable piece of old technology. Thanks to Robert who located it and who will set it up. Indeed Robert is playing a major role in this phase of our tankbuilding.
Some photographs will clarify the situation a bit :

radiator and reservoirs

hydraulic pump

Gardner motor as it is now