The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.

The beast waiting to get trackplates and cladding.
foto Marco Magielse

dinsdag 29 juli 2014

A dummy made of the first light framework

After last year we made a stronger framework for the exactorparts and the powerpack the yellow first light framework was a bit forgotten, but still around, waiting for a destination. A proposal of Olivier Pettillion to place it at the outskirts of Poelkapelle coming of Ypres however did emerge an old idea about a dummy.
Subsequently we were able to find someone who could provide lasercut painted plates to cover it.
The first idea was in december, the plates arrived at the beginning of july. Because the "Tour de France" was passing by in Poelkapelle I could convince some people to help plating the framework in time to have it outside just in time for the Tour. And there it is and will stay as dummy tank on a pile of debris, stuck and immobilised like a tankrelict after the war as there were numerous, waiting for the real riding tank to appear, in honour of all those tanks and  crews who so bravely tried to conquer Flanders fields full of mud, but had to wait for Cambrai to be show what they were able of and later on were so instrumental in turning the wave.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the volunteers who made this possible in one or another way and especially the newly involved people :  Olivier Petillion for the hospitality, Peter Seys for advice, immense help and his tools, Chris Courtens for the plates and the help, Jozef Courtens for the help and the moving with his oldtimertractor,  Stijn Butaye for the help and of course Dirk, supervising the works as he made the plans also. In the photo's you will see I did for once also use my hands ;-)
I may not forget the firma Parrein for lifting the tank on the debris, just at the opposite side of the road !

After the small tank on the roundabout made bij Stijn P. and installed in 2012, we now have a second full-size dummy at the outskirts in a beautifull environment not so far away from the road the real tanks passed trying to pass the Lekkerboterbeek, the small stream nearby. We are  now waiting for the riding beast to be finished and indeed, several projects are in their planning phase to finish it. More news on it later.

a first trial plate, work of Chris and Peter

arrival of the beautifull lasercut and painted plates

Peter busy sorting them

positioning the plates

Johan, Peter and  Chris fastening the plates, if you don't see Stijn B. working it's because he took the photographs, but was working as much as us, believe me !

Jozef and Chris fastening

the most difficult positions, I tried to do a lot of them myself, did not feel my arms anymore afterwards, I know not used to physical labor ;-)

Dirk and Peter taking measurements for the sponsons

discussing intermediate results

finished in time in the workshop

Jozef moved it with his oldtimertractor

like a real landship, Chris taking the steerwheel

delivered, but not yet at it's place

firma Parrein from the opposite side of the road in action

and there it is in it's right position

what a beautifull environment at Oliviers

a dummy stuck on a pile of debris, waiting  for the real tank to come

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